Client Testimonials - Relocate to Puerto Rico with Act 60, 20, 22

Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials

"Travis and his team helped me think through residency and eligible services for Act 20. They knew where to find specific IRS guidance I was unable to locate. PRelocate should be your first stop when considering moving to PR". .

Jeff Act 20 & Act 22

"The team at PRelocate was transparent in what they do and do not do. After reviewing their website and exchanging a few emails, I was confident PR made sense for me. Highly recommended." .

James Act 20 & Act 22

"I have two different Act 20 companies. I used a local law firm for the first one and spent $8,000. I used PRelocate for my second one, which they completed quickly and at-cost. If only I would have known sooner!" .

Erin Act 20 & Act 22

Wow! We're loving it in Puerto Rico and so happy to have found! Travis and his team made the Act 20 process super-easy and saved us about $6,000 compared to what the other firms charge. They've also been quick to answer our questions and connect us to the right people to help us get set up. If you're considering relocating to Puerto Rico, make sure you reach out to Travis so you can find out how easy and possible it is to get here. .

Rob Goyette

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