Events - Relocate to Puerto Rico with Act 60, 20, 22


The thriving community of U.S. investors, entrepreneurs, and other individuals in Puerto Rico has been experiencing significant growth as it seeks to capitalize on the lucrative Act 60/20/22 tax incentives. This remarkable financial opportunity has drawn a diverse network of professionals from various fields, all aiming to reap the rewards of these highly beneficial tax breaks.

To foster connections within the Act 60/20/22 community, PRelocate organizes regular networking events that bring these professionals together. Attendees have the opportunity to meet the founders of PRelocate and learn how to fully leverage the Act 60/20/22 incentives for maximum advantage. Additionally, these gatherings provide a platform for participants to engage with like-minded professionals from a wide range of industries, promoting collaboration and valuable insights.

As one of the select few government-licensed Qualified Promoters under Act 60, PRelocate has helped many individuals from the mainland United States move to Puerto Rico. You are warmly invited to our next event to learn more about how to leverage Act/60/20/22 and make new contacts in the island’s growing community.

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