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Rincón: Your Puerto Rico Real Estate Neighborhood Guide

Live in Rincón—“the town of beautiful sunsets”.

Read about what life in Rincón, Puerto Rico, is like.

Living in Rincón, Puerto Rico

Make your home amidst serene beaches and a laidback community.

The western municipality of Rincón is one of the most beautiful places to live in Puerto Rico. Living here promises a laid-back atmosphere and breathtaking scenes of sunsets, beaches, mountains, and the Atlantic Ocean. Island west properties in Rincón are highly sought after in the Puerto Rico real estate market.

Known as the “town of beautiful sunsets,” Rincón offers a dream-like lifestyle with delightful culinary offerings, an exhilarating surf culture, and an opportunity to establish a largely carefree life.


Rincón is located on the western coast of the island.

Situated on the westernmost tip of Puerto Rico, about a two-and-a-half-hour drive from San Juan International Airport, Rincón municipality is a quiet and charming beach town filled with natural beauty. The population is about 15,000, and the town spreads over 30 square miles.


Although both English and Spanish are the official languages of Puerto Rico, locals in more secluded parts like Rincón are more fluent in Spanish than English. Unlike San Juan, where tourists are everywhere, only some parts of Rincón are tourist-heavy. These are the places where locals are more likely to speak English.

Real Estate Prices in Rincón

Real estate prices have soared in Rincón due to increase in demand of oceanfront living.

Puerto Rico real estate has been booming in recent years, and people are drawn to the tranquil and laid-back lifestyle of Rincón municipality. Every year, more U.S. citizens seek beach view houses for sale in Rincón, Puerto Rico.

From luxury condos to simple houses, Rincón has various island west properties available at a range of prices. Visit older, established homes and new construction open houses to gain a better sense of the pros and cons of different property types. According to the real estate website, realtor.com, houses for sale in Rincon Puerto Rico have a median listing price of about $350,000.

The most desirable properties in Rincon can get scooped up quickly. If you find a good deal, act quickly or risk seeing a sign that reads, “Sale Pending.” Bathrooms with premium materials, multiple common rooms with ocean views, and commercial-grade kitchens are just a few of the amenities you can find among luxury homes for sale here.

Rentals are also popular in Rincón, and the rent varies from cheap to incredibly expensive depending on the particular kind of place you choose.

Rincón Hotels

Rincón’s beach-front hotels are a major tourist attraction.

Rincón is one of the most beautiful beach towns in Puerto Rico. You will find several hotels whose unique island west properties offer spectacular views and a comfortable stay.

The Lazy Parrot Inn is a family-run hotel located on a quiet hill just minutes away from the best beaches in Rincón. It has all of the amenities necessary for an enjoyable stay. One of the top family-friendly accommodations in Rincón is the Villa Cofresi, a tropical coast property with an atmosphere of celebration and merrymaking and plenty of fun amenities like a pool, gymnasium, table tennis sets, pool tables, game room, and a souvenir shop.

Rincón of the Seas Grand Caribbean Hotel is one of the more elegant island west properties where you can have a relaxing stay right beside the beach. For a more personalized experience, staying at Casa Verde promises utmost privacy as the property occupies a secluded stretch of beach. Serenity Hotel is another fully equipped, modern guesthouse that is also pet friendly.


Taste the very best of local cuisine at one of Rincón’s many food trucks.

Being a beach town, Rincón boasts several surf shops that offer an extensive collection of beach fashion, art galleries, and surfboards. Sunset Village, on Calle Cambija beside Rincón public beach, is a modern beachfront structure home to many such shops, including Natty Surf Boutique and Gallery.

Feel like going on a shopping spree? Then check out the Prime Outlets in Barcelonata, a beautifully designed outdoor mall where you will find more than 90 stores. Brands available include Coach, Adidas, Kenneth Cole, and Ralph Lauren, and the stores also offer factory outlet prices.


Rincón’s food scene is also another reason why so many people choose to visit this western municipality. Food trucks and restaurants scattered around the town serve healthy and delicious food.

Located near Maria’s Beach, Jack’s Shack is a food truck that serves fresh, organic, farm-to-table food. It’s frequented by vegans, vegetarians, and even meat lovers. For a juicy steak, tasty ribs, or hamburgers, try Cowboys Cantina. This friendly, outdoor restaurant built on a mountain also serves cocktails and craft beer.

If you are in the mood for a hearty breakfast, then The English Rose is where you will find healthy and fulfilling dishes from local, English, and American cuisines. You should book a reservation well in advance, though. This is the most popular breakfast place in Rincón.

Nightlife & Entertainment

Sip on a delicious cocktail and enjoy the magical sunset.

Rincón’s laidback atmosphere also has a lot of fun and excitement for the night owls and partygoers. Late afternoon is when the party begins, and all the cocktail bars and lounges in this region make it a point to celebrate the surf culture of Rincón.

Calypso’s Tropical Bar

During happy hours, you can go to Calypso’s Tropical Bar in Maria’s Beach, and enjoy the beautiful sunset with all the surfers from the town’s best beach. Big Kahuna Burger Bar & Grill at Casa Verde Guest House along Sandy Beach Road is where young surfers go to eat delicious burgers and wings and enjoy live music on many nights of the week.

Tamboo Tavern

Tamboo Tavern on Sandy Beach has the best mojitos and margaritas in town. Named one of best beach bars in America by Travel + Leisure and Esquire magazines, this is a popular place among surfers and tourists for its laid-back atmosphere, spectacular ocean views, and incredible music.

The Rum Shack

Another place that attracts huge crowds of locals and travelers for its fantastic ambiance and delicious cocktails is The Rum Shack at the Lazy Parrot.

Bohio Beach Bar

Bohio Beach Bar, located on the seaside deck of Villa Cofresi, is another place you can check out for some weekend fun. With highly trained bartenders, excellent music, outdoor pool tables, and its signature “Pirate Special” rum and coconut drink, this bar is sure to give you a magical experience.

Outdoor Activities

Rincón is all about its rich surfing culture.

When it comes to the water, you won’t have to settle for a dip in an ordinary swimming pool. Known as the “surfing capital of the Caribbean,” Rincón is all about its long and enchanting beaches. With almost 8 miles of beaches in Rincón, water activities such as surfing, snorkeling, fishing, scuba diving, parasailing, and sailing are readily available.

Being a hub that cultivates the culture of surfing, Rincón offers plenty of learning opportunities for surfing novices. Schools such as Surf Lessons Puerto Rico & Adventure Co., Rincón Surf School, and Puntas Surf School are all dedicated to showing you around the surfing world.

Taino Divers is one of the most popular local companies for snorkeling and scuba tours. Makaira Fishing Charters and Moondog Charters run excellent fishing excursions. You can head to Coconut Water Sports at Corcega Beach if you are in the mood to do it all, from jet skiing to paddle boarding and kayaking.

If you want to experience a whale-watching panorama in Rincón, take a hike to Parque El Faro de Rincón (Rincón Lighthouse Park), located at the extreme tip of town. For a relaxing yoga session on the beach, try Barefoot Yoga Studio.


A thermometer in the sand displays the temperature in a section about the warm sun and pleasant tropical weather in Rincón.

Living in island west properties, especially in Rincon municipality, means enjoying sunny and clear skies during most of the year. The temperature here varies from 71 to 88 degrees Fahrenheit, with August being the warmest month and January being the coldest. But, since Rincón is right next to the ocean, it feels slightly cooler because of the sea breezes.


Hurricane season in Puerto Rico lasts from the beginning of June to the end of November. Since Rincón is close to the sea, remember to keep an eye on daily weather reports and keep your distance from the beaches if the arrival of a hurricane is expected. If you are looking for houses in Rincón, Puerto Rico, make sure to buy one that is equipped or can be modified to withstand hurricane weather.


Travelling by car is the best option in Rincón.

If you decide to live in one of the island west properties in Rincón, traveling around town is best done with a car. Although Rincón is a reasonably small beach town, the surf spots, restaurants, and other essential locations are quite spread out. Driving to your destination is a much better option than walking or relying on public transport.

Some “publicos,” or local buses, ply around town. However, you can’t always count on them because their routes and arrival times change unpredictably. Although you can choose to get around with local taxis, they are only available on an on-call basis, unlike in major cities where they patrol the streets regularly. And, since all of Rincon municipality is built on a steep hillside, having your own private four-wheeler is necessary.

Internet Connectivity

Stay connected with reliable and high-speed internet.

Thanks to steady investment in Puerto Rico’s technology sector, internet connectivity on the island tends to be very reliable. Incredible internet speeds and 5G coverage are widespread on the island.

The quality of the network depends on how urbanized a place is. Rincón is a town that is a mixture of urban and rural, so the quality of connectivity can vary. Nevertheless, high-speed internet access and free Wi-Fi are available at almost all hotels, restaurants, and other public places in Rincón.

When you move in at one of the tropical coast properties in Rincón and want a good internet service provider to set up your broadband or Wi-Fi connection, keep HughesNet, ALE-NET, and OSNET Wireless in mind. These companies provide top-notch service.

Private Schools

Get the best education for your children in Rincón.

Puerto Rico takes education seriously, and provides students with thorough curriculums and a variety of learning resources. If you are considering enrolling your child into a Puerto Rican school, remember that public schools employ Spanish as their medium of instruction. Private schools often provide a bilingual education with both English and Spanish.

Foresta Rincón Multidisciplinary Center, located on Road 115 Km in Rincón, is a bilingual institution devoted to providing children with an all-around education in a unique way. Their curriculum combines classroom academics and outdoor, environmental training that ensures students are well prepared for their higher education and the real world.

Another bilingual school, MAS Integrated School (“MASIS”), is a private school in Añasco, a short drive away from downtown Rincón. With a high standard of education and incredible classroom facilities, students from preschool to the 12th grade receive the knowledge required to go on to the best universities.


Healthcare providers are available easily in Rincón.

When you need medical care or a general health check-up, consider Costa Salud Community Health Center on Calle Muñoz Rivera. The center has an excellent staff of experienced doctors and efficient medical facilities that can provide a broad range of healthcare services.

Generally speaking, the healthcare infrastructure in Puerto Rico is of a standard similar to that of the mainland. The quality of care also tends to be better in urbanized areas than in rural ones. However, the public healthcare system is not always efficient.

Many American expats purchase private health insurance plans when they move into one of the tropical coast properties of Rincón. Private health insurance provides easier access to the best doctors and medical facilities on the island.

Act 60

Save on your taxes in Puerto Rico.

The Act 60 Individual Resident Investor Tax Incentive and the Act 60 Export Services Tax Incentive present opportunities for American citizens and businesses to reduce their tax expenses substantially. Act 60’s tax incentives have helped convince many people and companies to move to Puerto Rico.

Individuals who reside in Puerto Rico have the luxury of paying no tax on income from dividends, interest, short-term and long-term capital gains, and cryptocurrencies and crypto assets obtained after moving. Meanwhile, for a business that conducts its income-producing activities on Puerto Rican soil and cater to customers who live outside of Puerto Rico, the corporate tax rate that needs to be paid can be as low as 4%.

You must purchase real estate in Puerto Rico to use as your home if you wish to derive full tax benefits under Act 60. Buying one of the homes for sale in Rincon municipality will give you the chance to enjoy a relaxed lifestyle and serious tax savings.

PRelocate’s Real Estate Brokerage Services

Let PRelocate help with finding your new home in Rincón.

Having a home in Rincón means living amidst a vibrant surf culture, scenic beauty, and a laid-back community. The delightful food scene and nightlife here and the ease of access to proper healthcare and education make this town a paradise to live in. Make sure to find a great location when looking for houses for sale in Rincón, Puerto Rico.

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