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Rincón: Your Puerto Rico Real Estate Neighborhood Guide

The surfing capital of the Caribbean with the best sunsets in Puerto Rico, the charming town of Rincón sits on the western corner of the island, where the Caribbean Sea meets the Atlantic Ocean. Rincón is a leisure town with a laidback pace, plenty of diverse beaches and natural scenery, a distinct local culture, and world-class watersports. Trust the locals, who proudly call Rincón “The Town of Beautiful Sunsets” for a reason.

Whether you are searching for oceanfront Puerto Rico luxury homes or affordable Puerto Rico rentals, Rincón is a fantastic city to consider for your relocation to “La Isla Del Encanto”.

Location & Language
About 2 and a half hours west of San Juan International Airport and the hustle and bustle of San Juan, Rincón draws its Spanish name from its very location, on the “corner” (or “rincon”) of the island. With a population of just 15,000 spread over 30 square miles, Rincon is a remote, tropical oasis that feels more like a resort than a town. Rincón is a 45-minute drive from Aguadilla airport, and there are hospitals and medical facilities nearby.

Both English and Spanish are the official languages of the island. Those buying Puerto Rico real estate or Puerto Rico luxury rentals in Rincón will find most people speak English, though they may experience more Spanish so far from tourist-heavy San Juan.

Real Estate Prices in Rincón
Most of the Puerto Rico luxury rentals and more affordable Puerto Rico rentals to be found in Rincón are short-term vacation rentals. This, coupled with affordable slices of Puerto Rico real estate, leads most potential Rincón renters to become buyers. 3-bedroom ocean-view condos in Rincón go for as little as $300,000, although prices have started to rise quickly. Luxury 3-bedroom ocean-view homes with a private pool start at around $1.5 million, and could sell for significantly more in the near future based on recent trends. For beachfront luxury, Rincón is vastly cheaper than Dorado Beach or Condado, and more comparable in price to the Palmas del Mar community on the southwest corner of the island.

Shopping & Dining
Boutique local dining destinations abound in Rincón, just steps from beachfront Puerto Rico luxury homes and affordable Puerto Rico real estate. Jack’s Shack is a Rincón staple, serving catch-of-the-day fish tacos and organic sandwiches just steps from the sands of Maria’s Beach. The English Rose has the best brunch in town, with an unforgettable ocean view from high on top of a mountain. And for incredible sunsets right along the ocean, there is no more romantic spot than La Copa Llena, serving progressive cuisine in a stunning setting.

The Rincón Art Walk is a must-see shopping and art experience, cutting right through the heart of downtown Rincón. In the evenings, enjoy live local music and performances from dancers as you stroll through stalls featuring jewelry, artwork, leather goods, clothing, and more from the finest local artists and artisans. A Caribbean surfing village, Rincón also has beachy gift shops full of souvenirs, local art, and beachwear, akin to any surf town in the mainland United States. And Tinto Wine Shop has a wide selection of wines and liquors.

Nightlife & Entertainment
Rincón is a small surfing town, with oceanfront Puerto Rico luxury homes and more affordable Puerto Rico real estate, that also knows how to party. El Bohio is a beachfront dive bar, known as the go-to spot after a day of surfing and a great place for people watching. The Beach House Rincón boasts a sunset happy hour, with an unbeatable oceanfront view of Rincón’s famous lighthouse, El Faro. In August, enjoy the Rincón International Film Festival, the largest film festival in Puerto Rico.

Outdoor Activities
Outdoor activities are everywhere in Rincón. Surfing dominates the culture, and Rincón’s beaches are known to produce record-setting waves. Rincon Surf School is a great place for kids and adults alike to learn everything from the fundamentals of surfing to expert moves. The best beach for surfing is Domes Beach. If swimming is more to your taste, there is no better beach than the tranquil Balneario de Rincon.

Book a snorkel or scuba tour with Taino Divers to the uninhabited island of Descheco, just 13 miles from the Rincón coast, or snorkel right in Rincón at Steps Beach, with its strange concrete steps right at the water’s edge. For beachfront yoga under a canopy of almond trees, try Barefoot Yoga Studio, Rincón’s only fully-equipped outdoor yoga studio. Tropical Trail Rides offers horseback riding on secluded beaches, right in the surf. And no visit to Rincón is complete without visiting the Faro Punta Higüesras Lighthouse, a local icon since 1892 and a great place for whale watching in the winter.

Weather & Hurricanes
Rincón’s average temperature is between 71 and 88 degrees Fahrenheit year-round. Rincón is right on the beach, so it often feels cooler than just further inland, due to the gentle sea breezes.

Hurricane season lasts from June to November in Puerto Rico. When looking at Puerto Rico real estate, make sure that your future home is as prepared as possible to withstand these devastating storms. From Puerto Rico rentals to Puerto Rico luxury homes, PRelocate’s hurricane advice for homebuyers is essential reading.

Public transportation options are very limited in Rincón, making cars a necessity. Uber is not as common in the area as in San Juan or Dorado Beach. Though the town center is only about 4 square blocks, the entire region is built into the steep hillsides, further necessitating a car.

Private Schools
The MAS Integrated School (“MASIS”) is a bilingual private school in Añasco, just 15 minutes from downtown Rincón. MASIS educates children from preschool to 12th grade.

Act 60
Puerto Rico’s income tax laws make it extremely attractive to business owners and investors, both internationally and in the mainland United States. Act 60 allows Puerto Rico residents to pay zero taxes on passive income and allows relocated corporations or local companies to pay just 4% income tax.

PRelocate’s Real Estate Brokerage Services
If you’re looking to purchase or rent real estate in Rincon or other similar areas of Puerto Rico, PRelocate can help. We’re a licensed real estate brokerage firm (license C-21696) with experience and extensive knowledge of the Puerto Rico real estate market. Our team is professional, responsive, friendly, and experienced, and with both native English- and Spanish-speaking staff, we can help you break down any language barriers you might encounter. We can save you time and effort by helping you find the right Puerto Rico property for you quickly and easily. In the meantime, you can view current real estate rental and for sale listings.

For more information on real estate and to learn how to benefit from Act 60, contact PRelocate today.

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