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We started PRelocate to help individuals and businesses understand and then execute a relocation to Puerto Rico. We provide resources and professional services to help you accomplish these goals. As a Qualified Promoter with the Puerto Rico Department of Commerce, we’re mandated to provide Export Services Tax Incentive assistance at no cost to you. This means we will handle your new Export Services Tax Incentive application, or review your existing Export Services Tax Incentive application, for free.

When our team went through this exact same relocation process, we were surprised by the time-intensive learning curve, burdensome process, and cost inefficient service providers. Our mission is to address those inconveniences and provide you with a turnkey solution. Relocating to Puerto Rico is an incredible, and possibly once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that could materially improve your lifestyle and business. However, if you have bad information and poor support, you might overlook it.



Understand The Export Services and Individual Resident Investor Tax Incentives


Before you decide between windsurfing or kitesurfing, it’s critical to understand how personal and corporate tax policy and rates apply to your scenario. You must consider a number of moving pieces (e.g., US taxes, PR taxes, entity structuring, and residency rules) in order to determine how you stand to benefit.

Why should you be interested?
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Am I eligible?
What else should I know?
Export Services Tax Incentive

"Move Your Business"
  • 4% corporate tax rate (vs. ~21% US)
  • 0% dividend tax rate (vs. ~23% US)
  • If you have net income of $1MM in Puerto Rico vs. the United States, you could save $300K+ annually
  • Yes, if your business performs services in Puerto Rico for customers not in Puerto Rico
  • You must apply. The application fee is $750
Individual Resident Investor Tax Incentive
"Move Yourself"
  • 0% capital gains tax rate (vs. ~20-40% US)
  • If you own a stock that appreciates $100K after moving to Puerto Rico, you get to keep all $100K of that gain
  • Yes, if you are a new resident of Puerto Rico
  • You must apply. The application fee is $750, with a $5,000 acceptance fee. There is also a $5,000 annual fee in the form of a 501(c)3 charitable donation
  • You must move to Puerto Rico and live here 183 days per year


Learn About Puerto Rico and Becoming a Resident


Once you understand the tax programs, learn about Puerto Rico and what it takes to legally live here full time.


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