PUERTO RICO RELOCATION GUIDE - Relocate to Puerto Rico with Act 60, 20, 22


The reasons to relocate to Puerto Rico are numerous—the beautiful weather, the vibrant Caribbean culture, the delicious food, and the relatively low cost of living, just to name a few. And that’s all on top of the island’s many tax incentive programs, such as the Act 60 Export Services and Investor Resident Individual incentives, which have enticed thousands of Americans to start a new life in Puerto Rico. PRelocate’s Puerto Rico Relocation Guide provides a wealth of information to those considering moving to Puerto Rico, facilitating the complicated process.

Explore Puerto Rico’s Tax Incentive Programs

If you’re thinking of relocating to Puerto Rico to take advantage of one of its lucrative tax benefit programs, the first step you’ll need to take is determining which tax incentive program is best for you. The most popular are Act 60 Export Services Tax Incentive (formerly Act 20), which allows qualifying businesses to set up shop in Puerto Rico and enjoy a 4% corporate tax rate, and Act 60 Investor Resident Individual Tax Incentive (formerly Act 22), which grants qualifying individuals a 100% tax exemption on dividends, interest, short- and long-term capital gains, and crypto assets. The Puerto Rico Relocation Guide provides a comprehensive introduction to both incentives, including the benefits, requirements, and general timeline, to help you determine what works best for you—many investors even apply for both for maximal benefit.

Learn How to Take Advantage of a New Life in Puerto Rico

The Puerto Rico Relocation Guide offers information on various aspects of Puerto Rico’s tax programs and the process of relocating to the Caribbean island, including the benefits of a life in Puerto Rico and how PRelocate can help you get started with this new life. You’ll come away with a solid understanding of how to comply with Act 60 requirements, how to qualify as a bona fide Puerto Rican resident, and why a virtual mailbox can dramatically simplify your relocation process. A lengthy list of Puerto Rican nonprofit organizations suitable for the annual donation required of Investor Resident Individual decree holders is also included. With a clean, professional design, this guidebook offers comprehensive information on complicated tax programs in an easy-to-understand manner, leaving prospective applicants more certain in their next steps.

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