Guaynabo: Your Puerto Rico Real Estate Neighborhood Guide - Relocate to Puerto Rico with Act 60, 20, 22

Guaynabo: Your Puerto Rico Real Estate Neighborhood Guide

Monument with statues of chickens at a roundabout in Guaynabo, Puerto Rico.

If you’d like to know more about life in Guaynabo, keep reading for our overview of everything from real estate and shopping to education and health care in this desirable location.

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Guaynabo: Your Puerto Rico Real Estate Neighborhood Guide

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Spread over 10 barrios and 27 square miles, Guaynabo has some of the best of Puerto Rico real estate. From historic Puerto Rico luxury homes to an urban downtown vibe, Guaynabo has it all. It’s a great neighborhood to consider for your relocation to the Island of Enchantment.

Location and Language

Flags of the United States and Spain.

Only 20 minutes from San Juan International Airport and 15 minutes from the beaches of Condado and Ocean Park, Guaynabo stretches from the Bay of Puerto Rico in the north to the mountain rainforests of the center. It sits next to the official border of San Juan and is considered part of the greater San Juan metro area.

Nearly 2.2 million people live in the greater San Juan area, but the city of Guaynabo has a population of just 89,000, spread over 27 square miles. It’s nowhere near as dense as more populated areas of the capital.

English and Spanish are the official languages of the island. Most people in Guaynabo speak English.

Real Estate Prices in Guaynabo

Wooden models of houses on a table beside coins and a jar labelled “House” that contains cash.

A few miles from the capital, real estate prices drop significantly in suburban middle to upper-class Guaynabo. It is possible to find a 4-bedroom single-family home for as low as $250,000. Conveniently located 3-bedroom condos in gated communities have recently been listed for under $200,000.

Residences of all sizes are available as rentals. Large properties can be found for $5,000 per month, but overall, rent is low. In many communities, a 3-bedroom apartment can be rented for under $1,000 per month.

There are also plenty of Puerto Rico luxury houses in Guaynabo, where 5-bedroom, 5,000-square-foot homes sell for above $2 million.

Preferred neighborhoods in Guaynabo include the Community of Los Paseos, the Community of Montehiedra, the Communities of Santa Maria and San Francisco, the San Patricio Neighborhood, and Garden Hills.

Whether you seek land, one of the established Guaynabo Puerto Rico homes for sale, or brand new construction Guaynabo Puerto Rico is an excellent location for your new home.

Guaynabo Hotels and Rentals

A tray holding a cup and saucer, container of sugar, an open book, and a vase resting on top of a bed.

Staying at a Guaynabo hotel or vacation rental is a great way to get oriented to the community.

Guaynabo’s Casa Sofia offers soundproof one-bedroom villas with a 24-hour front desk, free Wi-Fi, free parking, and sea or garden views. Each is available for a nightly rate of under $100, plus taxes and fees. The hotel is within walking distance of San Patrizio Town Center, Garden Hills Plaza, and the Caparra Ruins.

Guaynabo also offers Airbnb guest rooms and guesthouse options. Amenities vary between properties, but a stay generally costs under $150 per night, plus taxes.

For a longer rental stay, review our listings for options that include 3-bedroom condos for under $2,000 per month or single-family homes that range from $4,000 to $15,000 per month.

Many other options are also available in neighboring San Juan or Condado.

Shopping and Dining

Two women wearing sunglasses and holding shopping bags outside.

Guaynabo is one of the best shopping destinations in Puerto Rico. San Patricio Plaza is a three-story mall with more than 120 stores, 30 restaurants, and a movie theater. Plaza Real and Plaza Guaynabo also have great retail opportunities for shoppers. Nearby, the Plaza Las Americas is the largest shopping mall in the Caribbean.

For dining, head to Bottles, a Guaynabo staple known for its sophisticated atmosphere, huge portions, and seemingly endless wine selection. For more casual fare, visit Paseo Tablado de Guaynabo, an outdoor boardwalk lined with food stands selling mofongo, tacos, piña coladas, and more.

Nightlife and Entertainment

The entrance to Centro de Bellas Artes (Guaynabo Performing Arts Center) with people sitting and standing outside.

Guaynabo is known more as a business and residential district rather than a nightlife haven. However, there is still plenty to do for entertainment.

The Centro de Bellas Artes (Guaynabo Performing Arts Center) is a world-class performing arts venue with performances in dance, theater, music, and more.

In the city nicknamed “La Capital del Deporte,” you can catch a game of basketball, volleyball, or table tennis at the Mario Morales Coliseum. Guaynabo’s Museo del Deporte de Puerto Rico is a renowned sports museum.

Visit the place where conquistador Juan Ponce de Leon and fellow Spanish explorers built the island’s first European settlement in 1508 at the Caparra Ruins Museum and Historical Park. There you’ll also see the foundation of Juan Ponce de Leon’s home, alongside the Museum of the Conquest and Colonization of Puerto Rico.

Outdoor Activities

Gondolas moving above the treetops at La Marquesa Forest Park.

The top outdoor destination in Guaynabo is La Marquesa Forest Park. With more than 600 acres of rainforest, La Marquesa has attractions for the whole family: ziplining, gondola rides, hiking, and more. Kids can get up close to tropical birds and butterflies.

Villa Campestre is a farm and educational center with pony rides, bumper cars, bounce houses, and more.

One of the island’s tallest waterfalls, Poza Prieta Waterfall can be found in nearby Bayamón.

Though part of Guaynabo is on the Bay of Puerto Rico, it is not oceanfront. For the nearest beach, residents will need to drive 15-20 minutes to Condado or Ocean Park in the San Juan neighborhood of Santurce.

However, the distance from the beach provides for much more affordable Puerto Rico real estate than can be found in beachfront neighborhoods.

Weather and Hurricanes

A view of the beach in Guaynabo with plant leaves in the foreground.

Guaynabo’s average temperature stays between 65 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit year-round. However, if your home is close to the bay, Guaynabo may feel cooler due to the near-constant sea breezes.

Hurricane season lasts from June through November in Puerto Rico. When looking at Guaynabo Puerto Rico real estate, ensure your future home is prepared. Prelocate’s hurricane advice for homebuyers is essential reading.

Transportation and Safety

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Public transportation options are limited in Guaynabo, making cars necessary. However, Uber is common.

Overall, Guaynabo is a quiet area, with safe residential neighborhoods, such as San Patricio and Garden Hills. However, outside those neighborhoods, not all of Guaynabo is safe for night walking.

Internet Connectivity

Four cell towers with a blue and pink sky in the background.

In Guaynabo, internet rates are reasonable overall. Expect to find a wide range in monthly rates from $15 to $150 for plans with download speeds between 10 Mbps and 2 Gbps.

Do some comparison shopping among these leading internet providers to find a suitable plan:

  • HughesNet
  • InNET Connections
  • AeroNet
  • OSNET Wireless
  • Claro Internet
  • XairNet
  • Liberty
  • VPNet
  • Optico Fiber

5G technology is also available throughout Guaynabo.

Private Schools

Two young female students learning in a classroom next to a microscope, school supplies, and chalkboard.

The greater San Juan area has excellent private schools. All offer a bilingual education in English and Spanish.

In Guaynabo, the prestigious Baldwin School has a gorgeous 23-acre campus. Its students have gone on to Ivy League schools.

San Ignacio private schools are located in the Santa Maria and San Francisco neighborhoods.

The St. John’s School and the Robinson School are just 15 minutes from Guaynabo in ritzy Condado. St. John’s is frequently ranked as the best private school in Puerto Rico. Students from both institutions have gone on to Yale, Harvard, and more.

Health Care

View of a hospital corridor and doctor holding a stethoscope.

The 200-bed Professional Hospital Guaynabo is open 24/7. This private general hospital provides a range of services and also hosts the Vascular Institute of Puerto Rico.

Integrated Health System of Guaynabo is also open 24/7. It provides treatment and preventive care for various conditions.

Other medical facilities in Guaynabo include:

Guaynabo is close to San Juan’s many high-quality medical facilities, with modern equipment and robust English-language capabilities among health care professionals.

Act 60

A person sitting at a desk and reviewing numbers on paper and on a calculator while holding a pen.

Puerto Rico’s tax laws make it attractive to prospective residents.

Under the Act 60 Export Services Tax Incentive, eligible businesses pay only 4% income tax and may be eligible for other tax benefits.

Under the Act 60 Individual Resident Investor Tax Incentive, a qualified individual can receive a 100% tax exemption on passive income after moving.

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