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Read about where to shop in Puerto Rico for the holidays.

Puerto Rico’s Local Shopping Scene

Puerto Ricans walk along sidewalks flanked by stores in a section that describes shopping malls including the largest shopping mall in the Caribbean as well as where to buy international brands and products by local names in Puerto Rico.

It’s common knowledge that the Caribbean island of Puerto Rico is a paradise on earth thanks to its fabulous beaches, warm tropical climate, and breathtaking natural beauty. Puerto Rico offers U.S. citizens additional benefits with incredible tax incentives such as the Act 60 program.

Puerto Rico’s thriving shopping culture adds to the island’s attractiveness. Here you’ll find countless shops, large shopping malls (such as the Outlet Mall at Route 66), boutiques, and flea markets.

Puerto Rico is home to Plaza las Americas, the largest shopping mall in the Caribbean. This famous indoor mall is located on Franklin Delano Roosevelt Ave., just minutes from Old San Juan. At Plaza las Americas, you’ll find some of the best shopping around at more than 300 stores, dining at restaurants that fill an immense food court, and even cinematic fun at a multi-screen movie theater.

Many outlets sell products by international luxury brands and designer brands like Michael Kors, Polo Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger, and Jimmy Choo. You can find goods from other high-end designers like Gucci and Louis Vuitton at the Mall of San Juan.

However, consider taking a break from these international brands. Purchase gifts for your friends and family from shops and boutiques owned by locals instead. Buying from Puerto Rican entrepreneurs is cost effective and gives the recipient of your gift a taste of Puerto Rico’s culture.

In this article, we’ve curated a list of the best places to buy gifts for the various people in your life.

For the Kids

The holiday season is an especially thrilling time for children. You can make their wishes come true with gifts from the places below.


The logo of Puerto Rican toy store Bambola features a teddy bear in a section about the store’s products and prices.

Located in Hato Rey, a neighborhood in San Juan, Bambola offers a wide range of toys, Puerto Rican arts and crafts, children’s books, and games. All have been designed to intellectually stimulate children of all ages.

A board game generally costs between $10 and $30. Play center prices can run from $100 to $300. A micro kickboard costs $130.

Dream’s Arts

The logo for Dream’s Arts Evolution in a section about the store’s toys and their prices.

Another place offering popular comic-themed toys and collectibles is Dream’s Arts in Caguas. Their Marvel and Anime action figures sell for between $8 and $100.

For the Interior Design Enthusiast

Do you know someone who’s in the process of moving to Puerto Rico? They’ll need to decorate their new Puerto Rico home, of course. Here are a few shops to check out for the prospective resident’s perfect gift:

Bath and Bed Boutique

The pink logo of Bath & Bed Boutique in a section about the store’s bath accessories and their prices.

A boutique that sponsors local Puerto Rican artisans, Bath and Bed Boutique is located in San Juan. It boasts a tasteful collection of bedding, window and shower curtains, rugs and wall art, bath accessories, and fragrances that will add elegance to any home.

Expect to find shower curtains ranging from as low as $15 to as high as $120. Area rugs start at around $12.

EST Kitchen and Bath

A modern kitchen with white cabinets and stainless steel appliances in a section about EST Kitchen and Bath’s furniture and home appliances.

With a showroom located in Bayamón, EST Kitchen and Bath is a manufacturer and seller of furniture and home appliances. If you’re aiming to remodel a home with the latest products and styles, you’ll find just what you need here.

Pick up one of their amazing items at the store as a present. Alternatively, gift an appointment with their team of home décor experts.

For the Fashionista

The holiday season is a popular time for the fashion-conscious to flaunt their chic collections of stylish outfits and locally designed handbags. You’ll find the ideal gift for the fashionista in your life at one of these places.


An assortment of colorful handbags in a section about the fashionable and environmentally conscious products at Concalma.

A trendsetter and a fair trade fashion brand, Concalma has an online store. With a mission to promote local designers and manufacturers, the store’s unique and environmentally conscious collection of handbags, backpacks, pencil cases, and hip pouches make it one of the hottest places to shop during the holidays.

You can buy a fashionable handbag here for less than $100.

Silhouette Boutique

The logo for Silhouette Boutique in a section that describes the store’s clothing and accessories.

A fabulous boutique in San Juan, Silhouette Boutique is a storehouse of elegant, casual, and modern clothing and accessories for women. Take your pick from a variety of dresses, tops and bottoms, rompers and jumpsuits, and jewelry for all occasions.

Despite being designed by highly skilled local artisans, products have reasonable prices. Dresses start at $50 and handbags at $28.

For the Artist

Puerto Rico isn’t just a top tax haven. Its rich art culture means you’ll find plenty of places offering the right gifts for the artist among your friends and family.

El Nido Puerto Rico

Racks of garments beside brick walls in a section describing the clothing, art, and food at El Nido Puerto Rico.

With locations in Bayamón and Plaza las Americas, San Juan, El Nido Puerto Rico is a concept store that seeks to provide a creative and collaborative platform for local resident artisans and designers. Here you’ll find fashionable clothing, local artwork, and accessories.

The store also has dining options. It serves cocktails, burgers, and grilled food, making it a complete package of fashion, art, and gastronomy.

You can buy the artist on your list an album by a local music group for $20, a pair of chic sunglasses for $60, or even a gift card for them to indulge in some delicious food.


A colorful storefront in a section describing Puerto Rican handicrafts and jewelry at Santurce POP near Condado.

To deliver a real taste of Puerto Rican local culture to the artist in your life, head to Santurce POP. It’s within walking distance from Condado. This 11,500-square-foot warehouse building promotes local artists. It’s a great place to find anything and everything artistic, from unique handicrafts to authentic Puerto Rican jewelry.

Since POP consists of numerous retail outlets and small businesses, you will find many places with great prices.

For the Sweet Tooth

The holiday season isn’t complete without the delight of confections. For those on your list who love cakes, pastries, and other desserts, here are a few places where you can find the crème de la crème of sweet Puerto Rican gastronomy.

Enhorabuena Dulzuras

A container of guava sticks in a section about the sweet treats at Puerto Rican bakery Enhorabuena.

Located in Bayamón, Enhorabuena is a renowned Puerto Rican bakery. Each of its trademark sweet delicacies provides the ideal combination of tropical flavors, aromas, and textures. Made with top-quality ingredients, their homemade cookies and wafers will take you straight to paradise.

Their signature guava sticks start at $1.85 for three pieces. However, the perfect gift for someone with a sweet tooth is one of their assortments. Prices start at $6.99.

Dulce Arte Bakery and Pastry Shop

A drawing of a cake tops the logo of Dulce Arte in a section that describes the store’s sweets and coffees.

Dulce Arte in Yabucoa, Puerto Rico, offers a wide selection of delectable sweets, baked goods, and premium coffees guaranteed to drown a lucky recipient in a sea of indulgence. Their store is also perfect for breakfast or an early lunch.

The cherry on top is that the prices here are also reasonable despite the exquisite quality of each delicacy.

The Greatest Gift of All is Puerto Rico

Hands clasp a heart-shaped box decorated with the flag of Puerto Rico in a section about the benefits of relocating to the island and how to get in touch with PRelocate.

Puerto Ricans are understandably proud of the island’s incredible weather, breathtaking landscapes, and exciting lifestyle. In addition, Puerto Rico offers amazing tax benefits to those who relocate from the mainland to the island, which also stimulates the Puerto Rican economy.

Shopping in Puerto Rico like a local is another win-win. It provides you with memorable souvenirs at bargain prices and also benefits Puerto Rico’s local artisans.

If you need more information about moving to Puerto Rico, please contact us at PRelocate.

Meanwhile, our PRelocate community would be happy to hear about your Puerto Rico shopping experiences.

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