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It’s important for everyone to have access to quality health care. One of the most difficult aspects of a long-distance move is finding reputable doctors and health facilities in your new region—indeed, many Act 20, 22, and 60 decree holders who have relocated to Puerto Rico have run into problems in this regard. Fortunately, skilled doctors can be found all across the island. Here, we list some of Puerto Rico’s best specialist doctors (if you’re looking for concierge doctors, check out our other guide).


If you have a minor concern or aren’t sure what type of specialist you need, there are plenty of skilled general doctors in Puerto Rico. The following are two popular general doctors:

Dr. Pedro Roman

(787) 785-2198

Carimed Plaza

Suite 309 Calle Santa Cruz B1

Bayamon, PR 00961

Dr. Josue Torres

(787) 278-7000

516 Calle Ext S

Dorado, PR 00646

If you’re a woman, MedChic may also be worth checking out. This women’s health clinic focuses on mothers and women, including adolescents, and even offers minor surgery and contraception. You can call them at (787)504-5005 or (787)-721-5050, email them at medchic@hotmail.com, or visit them in person at 1022 Ashford Avenue Suite 4, San Juan, Puerto Rico (across from Hotel Vanderbilt).


If you’re bringing along your kids to Puerto Rico, don’t fret—there are tons of great pediatricians in Puerto Rico. Kids in Puerto Rico can enjoy a high level of health care with good health outcomes. Here are a few of the top pediatricians in Puerto Rico:

Dr. Yvette Piovanetti


400 Domenech Suite 413

San Juan, PR 00918

Las Americas Pediatrics

(787) 764-3150



525 Roosevelt Ave. Suite 409

San Juan, Puerto Rico 00918


Women’s health is also a priority in Puerto Rico. If you’re looking for top-quality OBGYNs, you can easily find them in Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico’s skilled OBGYNs will help ensure smooth pregnancies and reliable care for all women’s health issues.

Dr. Castañer-Pou-Olivares

(787) 722-3445



Hospital Pavia-Santurce

1456 Calle Prof. Augusto Rodríguez

San Juan, PR 00909

Dr. Owen Connelly

(787) 282-6675

525 Roosevelt Suite 701

San Juan, PR 00918


If you’re looking for skin specialists, Puerto Rico has you covered in this area, too. Puerto Rico’s top dermatologists are ready to help you keep your skin smooth, healthy, and beautiful. Dr. Cristina Brau in particular is a renowned specialist, helping countless patients with both medical and cosmetic concerns.

Skin by Brau

(787) 763-1310



400 FD Roosevelt Ave, Suite 511

San Juan, Puerto Rico 00918


Proper tooth and oral care is important for everyone. Puerto Rico dentists believe that, too, which is why they work hard to provide the best dental care to all patients. We’ve picked out a few of the best dentists on the island.

Dorado Dental Family Practice

(787) 796-7301


Paseo Vel Plata, Higuillar

Dorado, PR, 00646

Asford Dental

(787) 998-7778



1018 Ashford Ave. Suite 201

San Juan, PR 00907

Internal Medicine

Internal medicine is a complicated medical specialty dealing with internal diseases that may be too complex for single-organ specialists to handle. Internists work with diseases that affect multiple organs or patients with several comorbidities, making them true medical experts. For those in need of a skilled internist, Puerto Rico offers several options, including the following.

Dr. Jose Colon Marcano

(787) 754-0590


576 Calle Teniente César Luis González Suite 203

San Juan, PR 00918

Dr. Agustín López Covas

(787) 852-0886


No. 334 Font Martelo Ave.

Humacao, PR 00791

In addition to his regular practice, Dr. López Covas offers telemedicine consultations available island-wide and runs a concierge practice called VIP Medicine in Palmas del Mar. He offers seasonal, couples, family, and company plans starting at $1500 per year.


Of course, you can find all sorts of other medical specialists across Puerto Rico, from orthopedists and endocrinologists to psychiatrists and chiropractors. Whatever kind of medical care you need in Puerto Rico, you can likely find the right specialist for you. We can’t name every great doctor in Puerto Rico here, but we’ve done our best to compile a list of the island’s top medical professionals, which you can access by emailing us at info@relocatepuertorico.com.

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